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With the Welsh Government set a challenge “to produce 70% of Wales’ electricity from renewable energy, by 2030”, the members of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Trawsfynydd, Gellilydan, Maentwrog, Penrhyndeudraeth, Llanfrothen and Talsarnau community and town councils have come together to respond to future challenges to develop and exploit opportunities in the renewable energy field. The aim is to secure management of local energy assets and community ownership. The enterprise, registered as a Social Benefit Company, is called ‘Twrog Community Energy’.

Twrog Community Energy’s ultimate goal is to make the most of our natural resources for the benefit of our communities. The initiative sees our local resources, especially the potential of renewable energy schemes, as significant employment opportunities and investment opportunities. Members share the same vision: ‘to ensure that money and energy stay in the local community and rotate within our communities for the benefit of the residents’

Gareth Thomas, chairman of Twrog Community Energy, said:

“In a time when the children of the world are protesting about the climate change that their generation will face, this initiative is very exciting with seven community councils working together to develop renewable energy projects that will enable us to contribute to ensuring sustainable environment. It will also enable us to retain any economic benefit locally. This is an initiative by local people for the benefit of local people and our children ” Twrog Community Energy has already been working with local enterprises, Welsh Government Energy Service, The Green Valleys, Shared Energy, EGNIda and Innovation Gwynedd Rural to look for opportunities to install solar panels on buildings, commission a renewable energy strategy for the Vale - discussing charging points for electric cars as well as working closely with other initiatives such as Ynni Ogwen in Bethesda to learn and share good practice.

The initiative has also been in high-level discussions with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), MP Liz Saville Roberts and the Westminster Government to seek local ownership of Maentwrog Hydro Power Station. A power station capable of producing 30MW of Renewable Energy and supplying some 4,000 gigawatts to the national grid over the past 90 years - enough to power all of Wales’ houses for 6 years.

In 2010 a study was produced by Hyder for Gwynedd Council, Magnox North, the NDA and the Welsh Government, which included the following statement: “One possible extension of these opportunities would be the possible transfer of Maentwrog Water Power plant to a community trust, which is anticipated for some time in the future, when the works are put up for sale” This ambitious scheme would go a long way towards meeting Welsh Government requirements to ensure that there is capacity to produce one Gigawatt of locally owned renewable energy by 2030.

Twrog Community Energy believes that our communities need to be ambitious and that gaining ownership of such a scheme would increase confidence, create job opportunities and ensure that the significant money generated from our resources is being realized invest it back in our communities.



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