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YnNi Teg Cyf is a Community Benefit Society. This is a form of Registered Society which is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

A Registered Society has members, and a board which is elected each year at an AGM by the members.

YnNi Teg membersOur members will be everyone that has bought shares in our society. We have a board of directors who have set up the society and managed it through the construction phase. At the AGM in 2019 a new director, Gareth Tucker, was elected who has significant experience in developing this scale of wind turbine.

The society is run according to a set of rules, which have been approved and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. These rules cover issues such as who can be a member, how board meetings and general meetings are run, what quorums are necessary, how many directors should be on the board and so on. You can download a copy of our rules from our downloads page.

YnNi Teg Cyf has a strong link to Community Energy Wales. It was the board of Community Energy Wales that were offered the site and set up YnNi Teg as a suitable trading platform from which a wind turbine could be operated. Now that YnNi Teg has been set up, it is an independent autonomous organisation but with a letter of intent between the two organisations committing part of the surplus profit from YnNi Teg to be gifted to Community Energy Wales to help support its work with community groups in Wales.

The current board of YnNi Teg are all directors or employees of Community Energy Wales, but it is expected (and hoped) that now that YnNi Teg has shareholder members, that some of these members will stand for election to the board at the forthcoming AGM this year.


jeremy@sharenergy.coop or phone 01743 835 243

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