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Severn Wye Agency

Who We Are

Severn Wye Energy Agency is a charity with a vision of a bright, secure and sustainable future, free from fuel poverty.

We have made it our mission to provide practical expertise for more energy efficient and sustainable living.

To achieve this we take steps to ensure practical action through the development of solutions and projects and by offering impartial advice, technical support and providing training and education for people of all ages.

Our Energy Generation

We’re not content just to help others set up their renewable energy schemes, we believe that affirmative action starts at home.

In February 2010 we decided to set an example and install our own solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays. The installation cost Severn Wye less than £2,500 as we were fortunate to have support from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (Phase 2) and the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust. This enabled us to install 28 hybrid solar panels covering around 35 m² of roof space.

Areas of Activity

At Severn Wye we want to be sure that our efforts always make positive differences. We understand the inter-play of society, environment and economy and believe in solutions with far reach and replicability. To help you find what you are looking for our work has been presented on this site as arranged by sector but in practice we try to outreach as far as possible each time we engage with any aspect of a community.


Over the last 10 years, Severn Wye has helped hundreds of businesses cut their fuel bills and install renewable energy technologies. From industrial and manufacturing sectors, through to offices, hospitality businesses, retail outlets and car dealerships we can help through a combination of training, billing analysis, energy surveys and on-going support.


Severn Wye has a strong track record of working with local communities. We take a community development approach which aims to enable and empower those we work with rather than just advising at a distance. We do this through bespoke training and a free open exchange of expertise and information.

Education and Training

A central part of the Severn Wye mission is to encourage people to take part in lifelong learning that encourages them to contribute more to sustainability and provide a better awareness of the benefits and opportunities involved.


At Severn Wye we aim to deliver ‘world class service’. Our advisers go the extra mile to ensure householders save money on their fuel bills, increase their comfort levels and are motivated to do their bit for the environment.


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