Ynni Cymunedol Cymru

Gwent Energy

We’re a community interest company in South Wales dedicated to helping people, communities and businesses to live more sustainably.

Our Ethos

We strongly believe that everyone can become more self sustainable by generating their own electricity. Not only do we save money on our energy bills, we can help save the planet too. Our journey began in 2008, helping local communities in Monmouthshire to fund, build and own community wind turbine projects. However, we began getting more and more inquiries for community owned solar installation projects. We’ve installed more than 300 hundred solar PV systems for homes and businesses – we’re pretty good at it now! We love working with people who have unique dreams and big ambitions to change the way their home or community uses energy and this has led to us creating some very innovative designs.

Our Services

We believe everybody should be able to generate their own electricity to save money on their energy bills, while reducing their impact on the planet at the same time.

Transform how you use energy with our latest battery storage options. It’s perfect for people with and without solar.

FiT? MCS? EPC? We explain the jargon here.

If you charge your EV in Monmouthshire, you might have used one of our electric vehicle charging points.

Slow system? Check out our high performance upgrades for existing systems.

For ease of mind, consider joining our care club where we can remotely monitor your system’s health.



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