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Egni Mynydd

Who are we?

Coetir Mynydd is a charitable private company limited by guarantee set up in 2003 by people in Mynydd Llandegai to own and take care of the Coed y Parc dam and surrounding woodlands on behalf of the community. Coetir Mynydd is principally concerned with stewardship of woodland and biodiversity.

If you want to know more about Coetir Mynydd or the woodlands check our website and Facebook page . New members are always welcome!

As owners of the dam and woods Coetir Mynydd needs a sustainable source of funds to maintain the property and to support the appreciation and management of local woodlands, biodiversity, local history and culture.

From the start it seemed obvious to put these things together and to look at installing a modern hydro on the Galedffrwd.

For the Galedffrwd, a pipe of 56 cm diameter will carry enough water to run a turbine rated at 237 kW. Multiplying this by the length of time the turbine is likely to be running we anticipate being able to generate 770 MWh of electricity per year.

An average house uses 3,800 kWh, so the Galedffwrd could produce enough electricity for 200 houses, which means notionally Mynydd Llandegai could be self-sufficient in electricity and save 356 tonnes of equivalent carbon emissions per year.



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