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About us

Egni Cooperative was established and registered in 2014 by Awel Aman Tawe (AAT), a community renewable energy charity in South Wales. Awel Aman Tawe has 20 years’ experience of researching, developing and delivering renewable energy projects at a local level.

AAT is embedded in the community, its small staff and active volunteer group live in the area, and it is committed to protecting the outstanding natural environment of the neighbourhood. It works to raise awareness of the importance of clean energy in the fight against the threat of climate change through a sustained programme of information, communication and consultation and, more recently, through an innovative range of arts activities related to climate change that often reach people at a deeper level. The quality of its work has been recognised nationally and internationally by a growing number of prestigious awards.

Egni Co-op was the first Solar PV Co-operative in Wales. We currently have 94 members and have successfully completed solar installations on 7 sites. We won the Best Renewable Startup award at Renewable UK’s 2015 Wales Green Energy Awards.

How it Works

Egni Coop gathers lots of people together to invest collectively in rooftop solar.

Once these renewables are installed, the electricity produced qualifies for a government subsidy called the Feed-in-Tariff. Additionally, Egni is paid for any excess power which is exported onto the National Grid, and the sites get electricity at a 20% discount.

The money raised then flows back into the Coop, and is used to pay interest to members, as well as to cover things like ongoing maintenance and development of future projects.

This is a model that has worked extensively in European countries such as Denmark and Germany. Indeed, there are more than fifty renewable energy coops in the UK. Some have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, others millions. What joins them together is a grassroots effort to develop local renewable energy.


76-78 Heol Gwilym, Cwmllynfell, Swansea SA9 2GN

Email us: admin@awel.coop

Call on:01639 830870

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