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The Venture

Corwen Electricity Co-operative has a founding board of volunteer directors. At the first AGM there will be elections and any of the members will be eligible to stand for election

We have built a 55kW pelton turbine close to the centre of Corwen, which will be funded by community shares, and owned by the shareholders, who will automatically become members of our co-operative when they buy shares. Shareholders will get their capital returned over the next 20 years, and will get interest payments over this time, and some money will be put into a local community fund.

Over the next 20 years, the turbine will generate electricity, reducing the carbon footprint of Corwen, and bring a little bit of our electricity infrastructure into local democratic ownership rather than owned by international corporations.


On December the 16th 2018 it was exactly 12 months since the Corwen hydro scheme was commissioned. Our estimated average annual generation is 135,000kWh. Despite a very dry spring we have come close to hitting this target having generated 130,000kWh by the end of play on the 16th December 2017.

We have had a busy year snagging and getting used to the scheme which is running very smoothly. In the New Year the cladding on the turbine house will be finished in time for our official opening in May (final date TBC). We have also worked with Denbighshire Country Side Services to secure EU funding to improve some of the walling around the turbine house and entrance to the Pen y Pigyn woodland. In 2018 these walls will be rebuilt and or improved and local people will be given the chance to learn how to dry stone wall. The funding secured will pay for an instructor to train people on dry stone walling around the hydro scheme site. If this is of interest to you then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will make sure you receive more details.

We continue to look for new opportunities and are working with Cadwyn Clwyd to explore the feasibility of a 100kW scheme at Bonwm just outside Corwen. We will know more about the viability of this shareholder run scheme in early 2018.


info@corwenelectricity.org.uk or call Sharenergy on 01743 835 243.

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