Ynni Cymunedol Cymru

Cardiff Community Energy

The Vision

We want to speed up the transition to a future where all energy comes from renewable sources. We also want to see a massive increase in community ownership of local energy generation.

Starting soon…

  • up to 50 sites belonging to 6 organisations
  • all installations to be done by March 2020
  • roof-hosts get free solar installation
  • roof-hosts get solar electricity at below grid cost for 20 years
  • funded by community share issue
  • investors get projected 4% interest per year

We are making steady progress:

  • OFGEM has now confirmed most of our pre-registrations of sites for Feed-in-Tariff.
  • Many sites have now had structural surveys.
  • We have applied to WPD for grid connection for many of our sites
  • WPD have started to send us grid connection offers in response.



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