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Community Energy England

Who are we and what do we do?

Community Energy England (CEE) is a not for profit organisation that represents and supports those committed to the community energy sector. CEE was established by the sector to provide a voice for community energy and to help create the conditions within which it can flourish. This is done by increasing the profile of community energy, building capacity within the sector, and by advocating for supportive policies at national and local levels.

Vision: Putting people at the heart of the energy system.

Mission: To support and accelerate the transition to a fair, low carbon and community-led energy system.

We are governed by a board of directors and managed by Emma Bridge, the Chief Executive and her team.

Read our 2017 Annual Report for more details about who we are and what we do.

What we do CEE’s primary objectives centre around:

  • creating a voice for the sector
  • supporting sector development
  • building cross-sector partnerships
  • In addressing these objectives CEE focuses on:

Membership We exist to promote the interests of our members who all want to see the community energy sector grow. We facilitate a wide network of practitioners and share the best practice of organisations who are innovating in their areas of specialism. Our bi-weekly member exclusive newsletter delivers an in-depth understanding of developments in the community energy sector and insights into the current and future policy environment.

Advocacy and Policy We create a unified voice for the community energy sector to both national and local Government as well as opposition parties. Our publications are used by policymakers to understand the sector and our advocacy work ensures they know what our members want to see.

Communications and PR Our communications demonstrate the viability of community energy. We are actively increasing the understanding and profile of community energy. We enhance the discourse through a wide range of channels and produce the data which demonstrates the state of the sector. Our regular events across the country facilitate knowledge sharing, from this we see big ideas flourish.

Capacity Building We support the community energy sector’s development by developing good practice guidance, quality marks and training. We have strong links with local community networks and regional hubs across the country, so we understand existing community energy support structures and can help new local networks develop where there are currently none. We can help organisations find suitable funding, developers, operations and maintenance organisations and community energy enterprises to deliver shared ownership projects with. Our work with the following trade associations, networks and representative bodies ensures that our voice is part of the wider discussions taking place about the future of the energy sector.

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