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The Shared Ownership Option

If you are commercial developer thinking about setting up a shared ownership project, get in touch.

The Welsh Government have set an expectation for all new energy projects in Wales to have at least an element of local ownership from 2020. This policy statement re-enforces the need for developers to work with the communities hosting energy projects to ensure they retain benefit from generation in Wales.

Guidance will follow later this year but it is anticipated that all developers will be expected to explain how they aim to deliver this on their projects as part of the planning process.

The Community Energy sector is well placed to work in partnership with developers to ensure that they are able to fulfil this expectation and in addition develop stronger links with the community where the project is taking place.

We deliver - Our sector has delivered over 30MW of renewable Energy generation capacity in Wales .

We can raise finance - We have raised £10’s of millions for these developments a significant proportion of which has come through community share offers and bonds.

We support our communities - All the profit we make from our schemes is used to support local Welsh community based initiatives and help to develop more community based opportunities.

We propose offering a service to renewable energy developers to enable them to deliver a shared ownership project and work with them on engaging and involving the local community in the vicinity of the scheme.

We will offer this service through YnNi Teg a community benefit society that has developed a 900kW wind turbine and is in the process of developing a number of other schemes in Wales. YnNi Teg will work in partnership with Community Energy Wales (CEW) to deliver the following service to develop a successful shared ownership scheme.

What we offer –

  • Identification and creation of a suitable community vehicle to enable shared ownership of the project.
  • Legally formalising the relationship between the developer and community entity.
  • Community engagement to develop interest and support for the community owned element of the project.
  • Supporting the community vehicle to raise the finance for their share of the project.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further. We want to ensure this opportunity will have the greatest positive impact to communities in Wales possible and ensure that we can make the process as simple and effective for developers.

Contact us to talk more about partnering with Communtiy Energy Wales on your Project

Phone: 02920 190260

E-mail: info@communityenergywales.org.uk

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