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What is Community Energy?

Community energy refers to the delivery of community led renewable energy, energy demand reduction and energy supply projects, whether wholly owned and/or controlled by communities or through partnership with commercial or public sector partners.

What are the benefits of Community Energy?

We believe that community energy is a key part in achieving the urgent (and just) energy transition we need. Community Energy projects can become trusted local intermediaries which advocate and deliver changes such as local renewable energy, smart meters, energy audits, energy efficiency retrofits, electric vehicle charging etc.

The known benefits are boundless, and include:

• Stimulating the local economy • Putting the profits back into other community projects • Taclking the climate emergency • Educating people about energy • Engaging people on energy and energy efficiency • Supporting and creating local services

Where is the nearest Community Energy project to me?

Take a look at our members map to find your nearest project

How can I support Community Energy on a personal level?

There are two ways you can support community energy:

  1. Invest in the share offers of community energy organisations: Thousands of people accross Wales buy shares (for as little as £50) and become members of community energy projects. These people are helping to mitigate climate change, helping to build stronger and more resilient communities across Wales plus they get a fair rate of interest on their shares. To be kept up to date on the latest Share Offers in Wales sign up to our CyfranNi Mailinglist
  2. Invest your time and/or expertise in community energy: Many CE groups are almost entirely volunteer run. If you have a specialised skill such as engineering, accounting, law, social media, communications and so forth, these can be hugely helpfull. Even if you don’t have a specialised skill, having another pair of willing hands onboard can make a huge difference.

I want to start my own community energy project, where do I start?

First have a think about what you are trying to achieve e.g are you trying to save costs on running a community building, do you want to generate an income for a community project, are you trying to see how your community can best tackle the climate and ecological emergency we are facing.

Then consider who your stakeholders will be and who you may need to get on board to develop the project. If it is a renewable energy project you will need to speak to the landowner or building owner for any potential project and you will need to speak to your local District Network Operator (DNO) which will be either Scottish Power Energy Networks or Western Power Distribution. If it is with households or another organisation such as a housing association you will need to engage with them.

Following this you can visit the Renew Wales website to find your Local Coordinator. Renew Wales takes a unique approach: working through a network of Local Coordinators, hosted in local third sector organisations, Renew links community groups with Peer Mentors – experienced people who can offer their advice, inspiration and knowledge to enable others to take their first steps towards action on climate change.

You can also receive support from the Welsh Government Energy Service, where they have a community energy toolkit. The community energy toolkit explains how to run a project to install new renewable energy generation.

We are also here to help you in whatever way we can and support you in exploring the options available to you. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

How do I finance my community energy project?

Visit our Finance page to read our list of funding opportunities.

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