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Rhan Ni (Our Part) is a growing movement for people who want to support Community Energy in Wales.

Do you want to help improve your community?

Do you care about our planet & our environment?

Do you want to help Wales to build a renewable energy asset base?

What is RhanNi?

We want an energy system that is community-led, provides community benefit, clean, green and fair and puts people at its heart.

By joining RhanNi, you will be a part of a collective voice demanding and pushing for the change we need to see.

Be a part of RhanNi

Join our movement of community energy champions.

You will be kept informed of the actions you can take to support the growth of community owned, not-for-profit community energy.

You can get involved in the work of local community energy groups & help shape their plans.

You will receive information about Community Energy Wales special interest working groups and be able to take part.

RhanNi will keep you updated with the latest opportunities to invest in community energy projects – giving you a return on your investment and the chance to directly support the work of communities that are making a difference today.

We are a strong movement of people all working to help our communities to realise their full potential, build resilience, tackle the climate emergency and the energy driven cost-of-living crisis, and create a fairer energy system through us all playing our part.

Click here to join RhanNi.

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