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Community Energy Wales has been set up as a membership organisation to promote the growth of the community energy sector in Wales. It will inspire and empower communities through mutual support, peer to peer learning, and networking across the sector, influencing policy and building trust, with the aim of galvanising activity and making community energy projects easier to accomplish.

The potential benefits to communities, arising from participation in community energy projects are huge, but the challenges of doing so are also great. By sharing experiences, signposting to support, pooling resources and understanding where opportunities may arise in future we can increase the opportunity for communities to develop these opportunities.

Membership of Community Energy Wales will, allow the sector to pull together towards a shared goal of making community energy an important driver in the long term sustainability of Wales and building independent and enterprising communities.

There are two main classes of membership for Community Energy Wales; Community Members and Members.

Community Members are:

(a) Any social enterprise or not-for-private profit organisation delivering, or planning to deliver, a community energy project in Wales, which has a membership drawn primarily from the communities they serve.

All other Members are:

Any organisations that support and will contribute to the delivery of CEW’s aims and objectives, including :-

Any organisations that support and will contribute to the delivery of CEW’s aims and objectives, including :-

(a) Private for-profit companies, firms, partnerships, sole traders and consultancies, which do not meet the requirements for a Community Member.

(b) Public bodies, such as national or regional government departments and agencies, local authorities, community councils, housing associations and other representative bodies.

(c) Any social enterprise or not-for-private profit organisation, currently supporting the development or delivery of community energy projects in Wales

(d) Any other Third Sector, local, regional or national not for private profit organisations that do not qualify as Community Members


Community energy projects are those that are owned and controlled wholly or partly by a social enterprise or not-for-private profit organisation and whose benefits are distributed beyond those that are investing financially in the project.

Social enterprise and not-for-private profit organisations include: Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Charities, Companies limited by Guarantee, Development Trusts, Community Benefit Societies, Co-operative Societies, Community Interest Companies, Social Firms, Community Associations and unincorporated entities intending to incorporate as one of the above.

To apply to become a member of Community Energy Wales

Click here for community membership

Click here for all other membership

You can also request a members application pack which contains a PDF application form. Please contact info@communityenergywales.org.uk.

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