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Watch: webinar - Community Share Offers: Investing in Wales’ Renewable Energy

On 23 June 2020 Community Energy Wales hosted a webinar to discuss community energy share offers.

The webinar was a ‘masterclass’ aiming to help attendees understand what share offers are, how they benefit our communities, and how they can benefit us all as individuals.

Speakers at the event included Jeremy Thorp of Sharenergy; Dan McCallum of Egni Coop; Peter Davies of Pembrokeshire Community Energy; Sarah Merrik of Ripple Energy; Grant Peisley of YnNi Teg; and Jane Obrien of Grannell Community Energy.

There are several community energy organisations across Wales that are looking for investment into their share offers, and you can find out more about these by signing up to CyfraNi.

You can also learn more about this from the masterclass, by watching the video of the webinar here:

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