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Using co-operatives to beat the climate crisis.

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Community action on the climate crisis is crucial.

Looking over the last decade in Wales, the flourishing of community energy has been a cause for celebration. The readiness of our communities to embrace green technology, generate electricity and take ownership of the means of generating has led to a healthy community energy sector. Though support for renewables through the Feed in Tariff has waned recently, we are adapting and surviving through the spirit of cooperation.

Energy cooperatives provide a way for communities to take direct action in the fight against climate change. Through cooperatively owned community energy, local populations know that they are not powerless. Democracy is at the heart of cooperatives; every stakeholder has a say in decision making and community energy works within this democratic system, ensuring that society’s change to zero carbon is in the hands of ordinary people.

Recently, Egni Coop installed the largest community owned solar site in Wales, above the Geraint Thomas Velodrome, and energy co-operatives throughout Wales are launching share offers with competitive rates, such as this one from Community Energy Pembrokeshire.

We want to share the opportunities of community energy with everyone.

We’ve set up the CyfranNi service for those who want to support and take an active role in fighting the climate crisis. You can join the CyfranNi mailing list and receive the latest share offers from the community energy sector in Wales. These share offers provide a goodreturn and fair systems to ensure that communities benefit from your investment.

If you want to keep the benefits of green electricity in communities and be a part of the exciting world of energy co-operatives, sign up to the CyfranNi mailing list and keep your ear to the ground.

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