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State of the Sector Report 2020

Community Energy Wales is proud to announce that the State of the Sector 2020 report has been published in partnership with Community Energy England.

The State of the Sector report highlights activity within the community energy sector throughout the past year, giving a wide audience an opportunity to explore the achievements made and the challenges faced in the sector.

The 2020 State of the Sector research and report were prepared by Scene on behalf of Community Energy Wales and Community Energy England.

The report’s key findings include:

  • Many climate emergencies were declared in the UK in 2019
  • Subsidy support reductions and unclear government strategy meant 2019 was a challenging year for community energy
  • Community energy’s role in technological and social innovation is at an all-time high, with new business models and innovation being developed to help deliver a low carbon future
  • Clear guidance and support are needed for the community energy sector in the UK, especially support in accessing new opportunities.

Please use the following links to download the executive summary and full report. There’s a separate file containing excellent infographics, which help readers to visualise the statistics contained in the full report:

Download the 2020 Executive Summary

Download the full 2020 Report

Download the 2020 Infographics

You’re very welcome to use these findings, statistics and infographics in your reports, research, blog posts and so on – but if you do, please make sure you reference the source, and remember to state that you have permission for reuse from Community Energy Wales.

We are grateful to SP Energy Networks for its financial support of the report, and offer heartfelt thanks to all the community energy organisations and practitioners who so generously spent time sharing their data with us.

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