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Launching State of the Sector 2022

Lansiad Cyflwr y Sector

We’re launching the State of the Sector survey 2022!

We will once again be working with our partners Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy England to deliver a State of the Sector report for the UK and Wales.

We want community organisations that work in renewable energy – be it generation, energy efficiency, demand management, heat or low carbon transport – to get in touch and fill out our survey.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take stock and measure the successes and barriers that the community energy sector faces, as well as wider community organisations who want to work towards a low carbon transition. In order to capture what activity happens in community energy on the ground, it’s important that as many organisations take part in the survey as possible, to reflect the true value of this dynamic and vibrant sector.

Welsh Government have funded CEW to produce a stand-alone State of the Sector report for Wales, following the success of our pilot report last year. We’re also very excited that Dr Sioned Williams has joined Community Energy Wales as Policy and Research Officer, working with colleagues at Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy England, to produce the report.

The reaction since publishing the State of the Sector Wales report has been incredibly positive, with online engagement and media interest high. Supported by its findings, The Welsh Government have committed to continue to support the community energy sector and Community Energy. Last year, the survey and report fed into a range of national policy and strategies. The Deputy Minister for Climate Change’s Lee Waters recent deep dive into renewables in Wales placed community energy at the forefront, and worked with representatives from the community energy sector to develop the recommendations.

Why is taking part in the survey important?

• Make a positive case for community energy and its role in the net zero transition and achieving 2030 climate goals.

• Highlight the added social value of the sector in areas such as energy efficiency and fuel poverty work

• Monitor how the sector is growing and innovating

• Influence and inform decision-making

The findings from the survey will be distributed in a UK-wide State of the Sector report as well as a separate Welsh report. Having data provided by you is a solid foundation that can enable us to work better, efficiently, and work with Welsh and UK governments to provide further support to our sector. Thanks to all of you that take time to complete the State of the Sector survey, we are able to do more.

To start filling out the survey, head here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SOTS22

Please head here to download PDF format of the questions available to download: PDF questions

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