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Community Energy Wales launch membership

Community Energy Wales have launched their membership offer. To join please visit our website or contact robert@communityenergywales.org.uk for an application pack.

Community Energy Wales (CEW) are pleased to be launching their membership offer. CEW will provide a coherent voice for the Community Energy Sector in Wales as well as championing and supporting the development of the Community Energy Sector in Wales. In order to do this CEW needs to galvanise the support of all those organisations, enterprises, business’ and public sector bodies that are involved with and looking to create a strong and vibrant Community Energy Sector.

CEW is grateful to the Welsh Government who provided funding to develop the membership offer as well as a part time post to manage the work. Community Energy Wales Business Manager Robert Proctor said ‘Today is a culmination of a lot of hard work by those individuals and organisations who founded Community Energy Wales. It is difficult to appreciate the amount of work that has already been done behind the scenes by these pioneers. They have championed Community Energy in Wales and taken many steps to support the sector to grow. However, there is still much more that needs to be done if we are to see Community Owned energy being a significant part of the mix in Wales’.

The benefits of Community Owned Energy have the potential to be huge and can certainly help to create more resilient communities both environmentally, socially but also economically. Schemes such as Bro Dyfi, Egni, Cwmclydach Hydro and Talybont on Usk Energy are all examples of schemes that exist and are using the revenue generated to support local Community Based projects and organisations. However, there are many more in development that could have a significant positive impact on their local communities. CEW want to ensure that this is realised in Wales and will provide the voice and mutual support to help overcome the many challenges that Community Energy Projects face in Wales.

CEW recognises the importance of involving key stakeholders from within the Private Sector, Public Sector and Academia as well as the third sector and we welcome business’ and organisations from these various sectors to become members. CEW recognises that there are many challenges in this sector but there are also great opportunities. Shared Ownership of Energy installations is something that there is increasing interest in and we have more information on this on the CEW website here.

This is only the start but we hope that by bringing together all those who are supportive and involved in the Community Energy sector we can make Community Energy commonplace in Wales.

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